8 steps to optimize your WordPress website for SEO and user experience

The average visitor browsing experience with your website may vary, from smooth to a really bumpy ride and even leading to negative user experience if you are using outdated plugins and technologies. A sure way to avoid this is to follow these steps for a through-and-through optimization of your website. Regularly update your WordPress, theme, … Read more

Optimize your website to produce higher visitor conversion

You have a content creation plan for your website. New posts are published regularly, products are presented with landing pages and the visitor traffic is there. However, visitor conversion is low even though traffic is going up. What you need to consider is getting a few WordPress plugins which will improve your website conversion. Visitors … Read more

Steps to establish the health of your website!

The time passes and you diligently continue to add content to your WordPress website. Over months and years, there is quite a pile of pages, posts, media, and links. Can it be that some of them are not working anymore? Links that lead to 404 error or non-existing websites or media will drag down your … Read more

What can I do to improve my WordPress website security?

Many of us are using WordPress for a very long time because it is one of the most practical and easy-to-use content management platforms. Being the most popular CMS does not mean WordPress is the most secure. In fact, if not maintained properly, it can pose serious security risks to your website. Even more concerning … Read more

Getting an SSL certificate for your WordPress website? Not a problem.

Why does any website need an SSL certificate? SSL certificate will encrypt the communication between the website and customers. We can recognize that website who have SSL certificate are using HTTPS (secure hyper-transport text protocol). Any owner of a webshop or other kind of website that handles customers personal and sensitive data (address, credit card … Read more

10 Steps to keep your WordPress website running optimally

After a few weeks of intense content creating and website development your website is finally live. So the hard part is done, but this does not mean that your job is done. Instead, now you need to focus on making sure your website is running optimally. Steps to keep your website in the tip-top shape … Read more

Prepare for big changes to WordPress with version 5.0

WordPress has come a long way as a website content management system (CMS) platform. The sheer number of plugins, themes, and coding you can add to your website is astonishing. However, all of these need to be used on the “backend” of your website, so the changes are not visible the moment you add something. … Read more

What are the benefits of having a blog with your WordPress website?

Back in the day, the first websites on the internet had the simple role of the online presentation for a company or an individual. Over time communities have developed around different websites and blogging became a thing. After that, the “Web 2.0” term was coined as the websites no longer hosted only their content but … Read more

Must have WordPress plugins for a webshop!

Today it seems every website is a kind of online shop, where it offers some kind of merchandise or specific products. This is in most part because online shops can be seamlessly integrated into a WordPress website. A number of plugins can help you further develop your webshop and here is the curated list of … Read more