Improve search result eligibility for your WordPress website

Recent changes implemented by Google are aimed at their long-term goal which is better search results for search engine end-users. The short answer to the question “How can you have your website displayed more often in the search results” is given by Google’s John Mueller who suggests “following the company’s official structured data requirements to … Read more

5 things to work on for higher search ranking

Let’s discuss 5 important parts of your WordPress website on which you need to work in order to achieve higher search ranking than your competing websites. SEO is not a magical technique, but more akin to plumbing, if you do everything right the water will flow. What you need is a bit of time and … Read more

How to get links and grow your WordPress website?

Why is having links so important? Links drive traffic from other websites, directly to your content and provide targeted, organic traffic from relevant websites covering the same subject, business or industry. Search engines will analyze links to your website, and those links that are coming from relevant, authoritative websites in your industry niche will contribute … Read more