How to add interactive (infographic) content to your WordPress website and increase visitor engagement!

Interactive (infographic) content is highly compelling because they combine visual elements with motion and entice user interaction which creates a memorable experience for your WordPress website visitors. Website visitors are better able to retain information when they interact with it, making this one of your top website development priorities in the year 2020. Creating infographics … Read more

How can Gutenberg 7.1 improve your experience with WordPress

The new Gutenberg 7.1 update is packed with improvements, while experts warn that you may experience a slightly slower user experience but it is worth it, so there is no need to be concerned. Let’s start from the beginning. Welcome UI changes The new welcome user interface is aimed at new users with a goal … Read more

8 steps to optimize your WordPress website for SEO and user experience

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Pro tips to improve website traffic!

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